When it comes to the stocking, sometimes you just have to give Santa a little help.  I remember back in the day stockings were filled with oranges and nuts and candy canes, but now days, they are fill with all sorts of things.

When I had little ones it was easy to stuff a stocking, but now that my child, step-children and nieces are getting older it seems the more you have to think about what to put in a stocking. Oh and that doesn't include my significant other or my mother.

So what do you get for the perfect stocking?

Well first of all I try to get something off the following list and I try to add something quirky and of course a gag gift in there as well.

Candy or Snacks
Just stuff the stocking with some of their favorite candy or snacks.  The cute candy filled candy canes or candy canes period, gum, mints, etc.

Lottery Tickets
Who doesn't want a chance to win $100 on a scratch off.  I always sneak scratch offs in my mom's stocking.

Fun furry socks for women, the cute multicolored socks for the younger kids, and for the guys, well let’s just say go with your gut.  There is just something fun about socks to put on your feet to keep them warm.

Lip Balm
Pick out their favorite lip balm and stick it in the stocking.  I don't know about you but I love my lip balms.  I usually get the tinted lip balm because it makes a great lipstick.  However, pick out the favorite of your person.

Gift Cards
Here's the perfect place to put the lower denomination gift cards.  Just get them a $5 gift card to their favorite place.

Pocket Games
These are always fun.  They are small and portable and easy to play.

Pens and Stationery Type Stuff
Pens, small note pads, post its.  I love markers and Post Its.  I love to leave little notes around so pens and post its are cool stocking stuffers.

Ear Buds
You can't go wrong with a cheap pair of ear buds in the stockings.  If your kids are like mine, they go through ear buds all the time.

I don't know about you, but you can find small toys, balls, etc at the stores and sometimes, it's the small things that are the best things.

You can't go wrong with money. Get twenty $1s and stuff them in the stocking. Imagine the surprise. (I'll take 100s though)

Go crazy and have fun when helping Santa get those stockings filled. Oh and what's the coolest thing you have found in your stocking?

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