I am one of those that loves pictures. I took MANY pictures of my daughter growing up. As most parents I know do.

I took one back when my daughter was young that meant a LOT to me. I took Faith to one of her first Amarillo baseball games. I think they were the Amarillo Dillas at the time and the San Diego Chicken was in town.

I loved watching him perform. Just so much fun for the fans of Amarillo to see.

This picture to me was precious!

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

As luck would have it many years later I had the chance to work at the Dilla Villa. Now the home of the Amarillo Sox. As years pass like they do...I had the opportunity to hire my daughter as an employee at the ballpark.

Those days meant so much to me. My daughter's first job and the hours I got to spend with her.

Mark Lee, who in my opinion, is one heck of a guy. Ran that club like nobody's business. The stories he had to tell of his Major League Baseball days were just awesome to listen to after games, as we all sat around and chatted.

Mark playing for San Diego lead him to be close friends with the San Diego Chicken. Hence why Amarillo was lucky enough to get him in town when he did.

Our final season as the Amarillo Sox Mark Lee got the Chicken to come out for what ended up being his final time. The stars aligned that I worked there and my daughter did too.

Faith was asked to work at the Chicken's souvenir table. I asked for one and only one HUGE request. I begged and pleaded that my daughter recreate that picture for me. I told her as a mom just how important that moment was to me.

So she talked to the San Diego Chicken and showed him the picture we needed them to recreate for her dear ol' mom! Here is what happened.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

This picture will ALWAYS be one of my favorites. I know how everything had to play out the way they did in our lives for it to be possible. I will forever be grateful!

Do you have a favorite picture like this? Comment below.

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