Before you go firing your lips off at the hip because you've got a chronic case of hot headed know-it-all-ness that you can't wait to showoff online, think twice. Recently, I and several other people, were reminded how beautification projects work in a city.

It was a quick lesson in how to handle some good news, care of Pampa, TX.

Murals Are Spreading Like That Zombie-Making Disease You See On TV

They're absolutely everywhere. One town gets one, so the neighbors think they need one too. All this keeping up with the Jones, is good for painters, artists, paint making companies, and people who like you and me.

Something that tickles me pinker than Porky the Pig's backside is when two types of art come together to enrich all of our lives. Enter Pampafest.

For the uninitiated, Pampafest is a music fest that celebrates all things Pampa and great-freaking-music.

Follow this link and check out this year's lineup. It's insane.

The best part is, it's used to raise funds. What are they fundraising for?

Check this out.

Let The Naysayers Begin To Nay...say...

In the comments someone brought up the fact that there is a beautification project already in the works to help replace sidewalks and get new street lamps. While that is true, those are projects being headed up by other organizations.

This where the lesson comes in.

When it comes to things like beautifying a city, apparently different organizations will tackle different needs. While Pampafest's website does mention some of these projects, they are projects being done by different entities. Pampafest is just helping raise money.

Now, they're helping get this mural done. Which a lot of people really seem jazzed about. Murals are rad, okay? Get with the times. Murals are great. Tourists love taking photos in front of them. I'll probably write a story about it, so it's job security for me.

It's a win-win-win for everyone.

Congrats on the mural, Pampa. And congrats on that insane lineup for this year's fest. Hopefully I can make it this year.

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