From time to time, Lawrence Lake pops up in the headlines. It has for quite some time. That's the reason why Lawrence Lake has what you might call a somewhat "nefarious" reputation.

So what is it that makes Lawrence Lake the most dangerous lake in Amarillo, TX?

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The Issues With Flooding At Lawrence Lake

Lawrence Lake, the "lake" behind Discount Tire off of I-40 on Western Plaza Drive, has a history riddled with instances of flooding; and in 1981 it wasn't just some standing water in the road. It was much worse than that.

The flooding was so bad it helped inspire a book titled, Amarillo Flood: 1981, Man-made disaster - or an act of God? It caused somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million in damages. That's a lot of hairspray and Van Halen records.

In 1982, news headlines ran about more flooding around Lawrence Lake. This would lead to a lawsuit filed by flood victims.

It was once again so bad that the governor at the time, Bill Clements, declared a disaster emergency and sent in the National Guard to rescue people.

Fast forward around 30 years later, and it would happen again. This is even after the City's brilliantly titled "Storm Water Master Plan," which was developed in the 90s thanks to the floods from the 80s.

It's a lot to keep up with.

Now, it's not that I lack faith in a plan that has achieved "master" status, but if I lived in that area, I would definitely own some waders.

Lawrence Lake's Connection To Area Crimes

Parts of, and completely whole, weapons have been found. Supposedly a toe was once discovered hidden in Lawrence Lake. That toe, if it actually did exist, was not connected to a foot. It was a free range toe, roaming the waters of Lawrence Lake all on its own.

Criminals have been locked up thanks to what has been found, at times, in Lawrence Lake. It got to the point that some referred to it as the Lake Mead of the Texas Panhandle.

Of the bodies of water in Amarillo, it is this one, and it can be argued, that outdoes them all when it comes to its history in Yellow City.

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