The Amarillo Fire Department responded to a call on Monday, July 18th.

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The Amarillo Fire Department headed out to the reported fire at an apartment complex located in the 6100 Block of W. I-40.  Two units were sent out as a precaution due to it being a fire at an apartment complex.

Amarillo Fire Department Engine 13
Michael Rivera, Townsquare Media

When arriving, AFD found a person outside of the apartment laying on the ground. They provided medical care.   The firefighters then located the fire inside the apartment.  Other emergency units arrived and transported one of the apartment occupants to a local hospital. The occupant was in critical condition. .  Another person was treated at the scene and later took themselves to the hospital.   AFD was able to get the fire under control.

The Amarillo Fire Marshal ruled the fire an accident.  One of the apartment occupants was smoking while oxygen was being used.

AFD wants to remind you that you should never smoke around oxygen, "oxygen will intensify the combustion process and cause the fire to burn hotter and faster."

Thanks to the Amarillo Fire Department for their quick response and for keeping the citizens of Amarillo safe.  What started as a fire in one unit could have quickly moved to other units.  Luckily in this instance, the fire was put out before any other damage had been done.

I have had friends and family members who have insisted on smoking while using oxygen.  I don't know how many times we highly suggested that they didn't because it could catch fire.  This is just an example of what happens when oxygen catches on fire.

We wish the apartment occupant a speedy recovery.

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