The excitement in Downtown Amarillo is great. I love watching the families walk to Hodgetown. These families are making the memories I made with my child.

It's fun to hear the fans cheer. It's great to have a team to cheer for again. I will have to say growing up watching the Amarillo teams the Texans, Dillas and Sox there is definitely one thing that is missing.

Green in the Screen. Anyone who has gone to a game back then knows exactly what I am talking about. A player on our team hits a homerun and the fans run down and put dollars in the screen. The player comes around and collects it in a helmet.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

The team has beer money for the night. Let's face it I am pretty sure that is what they did with it. Who cares? Well the umpires sure did. The opposing team sure did. They tried to get Amarillo to stop.

It has been an Amarillo tradition for decades. It didn't matter how much the umpires hated it. It is hard to keep the Amarillo crowd down. The fans ran down after every homerun. The kids and adults both loved it.

I loved watching my own daughter run down and giver her dollars to the player that deserved it. Sometimes the kids got to run down multiple times. The more homeruns the better.

When the umpires finally got their way and tried to stop the tradition guess what? The Amarillo Sox interns would run through the stands and collect the money and still give it to the players.

This is Amarillo and we are all about traditions. This is one that I really hated seeing go with the Potter County Memorial Stadium. I wish it was something that could be brought to Hodgetown in some form or fashion.

Again Amarillo loves traditions.


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