This will go into effect on Monday, August 1st.

Amarillo College is implementing a new policy. All students, faculty, and staff will be prohibited from using any tobacco products on campus at any time. This includes smokeless tobacco, e-cigs, and vape pens. Tobacco products will not be allowed inside or outside buildings or in the walkways.

The student government proposed a change to the smoking policy in 2015. A survey of Amarillo College students found that a majority were in favor of a smoke-free campus, so the proposal was taken to the board of regents. It passed, 8-1.

The campus will install signage to promote the new policy.

The vaping trend has made smoking more popular over the past few years with the promise of a "healthier" method of getting a nicotine fix. However, scientific studies have shown that vaping can cause "popcorn lung" and other health problems. It has been well-established that smokeless tobacco can cause mouth and throat cancer and second-hand smoke has the same effect as smoking.

There are currently 57 college campuses in Texas that are 100% smoke-free.

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