We've seen a lot of changes to the way we "normally" do things during the course of the pandemic. Social distancing is now a part of our national conversation. Concerts and events have been canceled. Business owners and event organizers had to get creative with ways to make it through.

In May, The Amarillo Community Market went "virtual." It was something that a lot of businesses and events had moved to in order to cope with the shutdown.

Starting this Saturday, June 13, Amarillo's Community Market will be open, "in person."

The Community Market will open up at 9 AM with the opening bell. There will be music by Chad Miller from 10 AM to 12 PM. Closing bell is at 1 PM. It will be held at the historic Santa Fe Depot at 401 S. Grant St.

On Facebook, they say that this Community Market will be their first "reality" Community Market. Have to admit, that made me giggle.

The Community Market is a summer time tradition for a lot of people in the area. Hearing that it was going to go "virtual" was a bummer, but at least it was something. Vendors have been hit hard during the pandemic as many of them depend on in-person events to make a living.

It is really encouraging to see things slowly getting back to something that resembles "normal." Even if we all need to practice social distancing, and wearing a face covering, it's great that we're getting back some of our events.

You can get more info on the Amarillo Community Market by following them on Facebook. Just follow this link.


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