Amarillo is a great city to live in and work in.  As with all cities we have our pros and cons, but over all we live in a great place.  Plus, it offers great business opportunities.

It's always great to see when Amarillo is on top, and once again our city is on top.

WalletHub is a great organization that conducts studies on different topics and once again Amarillo has made the top of the list.

WalletHub, to help Hispanic entrepreneurs find the most fertile ground for their enterprises,  compared more than 180 U.S. cities across 23 key metrics. The data set ranges from Hispanic entrepreneurship rate to Hispanic income growth to share of Hispanic-owned businesses.

On this study, Amarillo came in at #7 out of 180 cities.   Laredo, Texas took the #1 spot, with New Haven, CT coming in last.  Lubbock ranked #53

Source: WalletHub

Other findings for Amarillo include:

51st – Share of Hispanic Residents
75th – Share of Hispanic-Owned Businesses
14th – Hispanic Unemployment Rate
91st – Hispanic Population Growth
20th – Hispanic Renter-to-Owner Ratio
24th – Hispanic Income Growth
30th – Median Annual Income of Hispanics (Adjusted for Cost of Living)
19th – Housing Affordability for Hispanics

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