During the pandemic, many of us have found ourselves spending more time outside and exploring more on foot or bike. The City of Amarillo is creating several public safety improvements for cyclists and pedestrians. Safety improvements are being made to frequently-used walking and cycling areas to enhance the overall experience for the Amarillo community.

One of the highlights is the installation of a High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) at Plains Boulevard and Georgia Street, near Rails to Trails. Motorists are asked to be aware of the public safety improvements and watch for pedestrian and cycle traffic crossing Georgia Street. At a HAWK crossing, motorists receive red light cues to emphasize the potential presence of a pedestrian. The crossing consists of two red lenses over a single yellow lens, high-visibility crosswalk markings and a stop bar approximately 50 feet from the crosswalk. When activated, the HAWK uses a red indication to inform drivers to stop, thereby creating a time period for pedestrians to cross the roadway.

Additional bike lanes are being painted to give cyclist more opportunities to commute between locations. New or re-striped bike lanes have been installed at the following locations:

  • Coulter Street from Tascosa Road to Loop 335.
  • Julian Boulevard from Interstate 40 to Bonham Street.

Bike lanes and shared bike lines are scheduled to be installed at the following locations:

  • Eighth Street from Buchanan Street to Crockett Street (connection to Rails to Trails) - October 2020.
  • Seventh Street from Buchanan Street to Crockett Street (connection to Rails to Trails) - October 2020.
  • 15th Street from Bonham Street to Johnson Street – October 2020.
  • Johnson Street from 15th Street to Amarillo Civic Center/Hodgetown area – October 2020.

With these improvements, we are on our way to making Amarillo a safer place to walk, hike, and bike. Remember, if you are walking in a high traffic area that does not have a side walk, walk against traffic so they can see you and you can react. If you are biking along a roadway, always bike with traffic just like you are a vehicle. Follow all traffic instructions and be aware of your surrounds.

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