I found out last year that my blood pressure is a bit on the high side. It was a scary day. I was seeing a doctor for something else when he looked over my numbers. He told me that we would reschedule our appointment and called to get me an appointment downstairs with another doctor.

My blood pressure numbers were near stroke level. So, yes it was scary. I have since been put on medicine but I have been looking for other ways to lower those numbers. I don't like being on medicine for anything. I know the first thing is to stop stressing so much. It's just what I do. I think I stress about stressing.

So I have learned a few tricks that will hopefully help me on my quest of getting off my blood pressure medicines. Walking is such a good start. So I grab the leash and take my dog, Chipper, for a walk around the Bivins area. I love looking at all the trees. I feel the view helps lower my blood pressure too. Hey every little bit helps.

I also learned that stretching can really help me too. Apparently the thought is that when you stretch your muscles you are doing much more. You are also stretching out all the blood vessels. You are also helping out your arteries.

So if you can walk and lose some belly fat and also stretch you will be doing so much for your health. Make a pledge to take those dogs for a walk, even making it a brisk walk. Make sure you stretch a good amount before you head out the door.

All of this can help you out and maybe get your blood pressure medicine to be a thing of your past.

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