We spend a lot of time working. Most of us 40 hours a week at least. In a year's time that is over 2,000 hours. No wonder we are a society that is just tired!

So low and behold today is a day to celebrate! It is National Goof Off Day! I think we should take advantage of the day! I mean it can't really be a coincidence that this day falls at March Madness time.

I mean we spend time getting our bracket together. Now we are working on catching a game or two to see how our brackets are surviving. I know that is a great way to goof off.

Plus this day falls on a Friday? I feel it is just meant to be. We need to goof off....whether at work or just by taking the day off.

Hopefully you work in a place that allows you to have fun at work. It may be called goofing off when in reality it is bonding time at work.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

No matter what you do for a living there should be time to do a little goofing off. It makes the day so much more fun and the team so much more productive.

I even worked at a business where we would have Wine Wednesday's once a month. Yes, it could have been seen as goofing off but we really got a lot of work done in that hour. We got a chance to communicate as a group while having a little fun. Whether you had a drink or not it was always just a fun time.

So how do you like to goof off. Comment below.