There is something bigger than the "Mueller Report" in Amarillo and that will be the results of an official complaint filed with the Texas Education Agency against the Amarillo ISD School Board.

Simply put, the complaint is in reference to the board's decision not to renew the contract of now, former Amarillo High Volleyball Coach Kori Clements.

Dr. Marc Henson filed the complaint with serious concerns that the AISD and school administrators, may have multiple ethical and legal violations in the firing of Clements. Dr. Henson says the TEA has received the complaint.

In the filing, Dr. Henson specifically singles out AISD School Board Trustee Renee McCown. He accuses McCown of, "Using her position of power to benefit her two high school daughters," and goes on to say, "when that was no longer tolerated, she used her influence for retaliation."

Dr. Henson accuses McCown of having inappropriate contact with Coach Clements in person, and over the phone, to discuss playing time.

When the story broke in January, Dr. Henson was one of the people who addressed the school board during the meeting following Coach Clements public resignation.

A copy of the complaint quotes Dr. Henson, "I ask that you
investigate the individuals involved, and remove or reprimand
those that you find have failed our community."

Whatever the result of the complaint, "Player-Gate" is not over.

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