This is a struggle year after year. If you can save your vacation time for during the Christmas season, great. If you can't you have to decide what to do with the kiddos when they are out of school.

What do you do with the kids over Christmas Break from school?

Some daycares are open. Some are not. Some of us are lucky if you have family in town that can help. A lot of us really don't. So this is where yesterdays announcement from the Maverick Club really will be helping out a lot of families in the area.

Winter Camp is now a thing in Amarillo

They are going to host their first ever winter camp. They have opened up registration now on a first come first served basis. I know this will be something that fills up fast. The need is certainly there.

Even better is that breakfast, lunch and snacks will be served. You will not have to worry about providing that for your kids during camp. Plus you will feel great knowing that your kids are safe while you are at work.

credit: Maverick Club
credit: Maverick Club

Your kids will be playing, having fun and actually learning through the break. So this is definitely a win-win situation. The camp will be open from December 20th through the 7th of January, Monday through Friday. The hours will be from 8am - 5pm. They will close for Christmas Eve, December 27th, and January 3rd. Other than that they will be open while you are working.

With AISD being closed for three weeks during this Christmas break this is a huge relief for all of the working parents.

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