So I took that trip down memory lane last week. It was simply a question I posed on the radio station's Facebook page. I thought that using the responses I received would bring back a lot of nostalgia. Oh and it did.

It also brought up a lot of restaurants that were missed. So here is my original list of restaurants that are gone from Amarillo that we really miss:

  • The Beef Rigger
  • Leal's
  • Gardski's
  • Ruby Tequila's
  • Country Pride
  • Bennigan's
  • Cattle Call
  • Sutphens
  • Char Kel
  • Taco Cabana
  • Johnny Carino's
  • Harrigans
  • BL Bistro
  • Steak & Ale
  • Paradise Too
  • Panchos
  • Shakey's Pizza
  • The Black Eyed Pea
  • Santa Fe
  • All The Fixin's
  • Zookini's
  • The Kettle
  • Montana Mikes

You can read the original story HERE. Just know that it does include a yummy photo of Gardski's Fried Cheese from back in the day. So you may end up missing them even more.

So when I posted the original story I asked what other restaurants were we missing. What other gone gems have not been forgotten. I admit that some of these were before my time. I moved to Canyon back in 1986 and until I graduated high school I really don't remember going out to eat that much. Yes, I lives a sheltered life. Oh, but I made up for it once I moved out and to Amarillo,

So some of these restaurant's I never had the joy of being able to try. Oh but I feel like I would have loved them too. Here is the rest of the list that people sent me. Thank you Jake for posting this on the Amarillo Texas Restaurant Review Page on Facebook. As always they did not disappoint.

  • Crystal Confectionery
  • Blackstone
  • Blue Gator
  • J&M
  • The Lean To
  • Razzleberry's
  • Myer's Drumstick
  • The Backporch
  • Embers
  • Chinese Kitchen
  • Judy's
  • Marie Calendars
  • Asian Spicy
  • Cajun Magic
  • Pott's Country Restaurant
  • Shirley's
  • Ruth's Steakhouse
  • Marty's
  • Dino's
  • Pistol Pete's Pizza
  • Aubrey's Sandwiches
  • Underwoods
  • Italian Delights
  • Barnaby's Beanery
  • Stephen's BBQ
  • Double Dip
  • David's Steak House
  • Western Sizzler
  • Country Barn
  • Adam's Rib
  • Pizza Inn
  • Godfather's Pizza
  • Ribs & Blues
  • Blue Front Cafe

Just reading down both lists can you believe how many great restaurants we use to have here in Amarillo. We still have some great ones of course. It is just so strange to see all that have come and gone. Even though they are gone they still hold a special place in our hearts.


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