The USS Charles Roan is a Naval ship named after Claude resident Charles Roan and Amarillo will be hosting a reunion on Thursday to honor the ship.

shadows of soldiers saluting

The Roan received its christening in 1946.  Charles Roan was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor after his death by President Truman in 1946 for his heroism in the Pacific Theater of WWII.  Roan was born in Claude on August 16, 1923 and killed in action on September 18, 1944.

The USS Roan was active until 1973 and then retired.

Nearly 70 veterans who served on the Roan will be in Amarillo with their family to celebrate the USS Roan.

They will kick off their festivities on Thursday with a barbecue in Clause at the Charles Roan Memorial Roadside Park.


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