I know a humans we have this habit of buying clothing and rarely wearing it.  It looked good on the hangar, it just doesn't fit right, or it doesn't fit anymore.  Do you have any of this kind of clothing in your home?  If you do, did you know that you can donate it to the Veteran's Resource Center?  You can and it's easy to do.

We have Veterans all over Amarillo that could benefit from having your gently used clothing.

Clothes for Sale
Amanda Grandfield

The Veteran Resource Center has teamed up with Clothez Exchange at 4515 S. Georgia.   All you have to do is take those gently used items to Clothez Exchange and tell them you would like to donate them to the Veteran Resource Center Account.  Those veterans that need that clothing will get a voucher from the Veterans Resource Center and they can go and get the clothes they need.

So if you are planning a big spring clean-out, then make sure to take those clothes and put them to good use.

Please remember that the clothes need to be cleaned, folded and in good condition.

It's simple and it's an easy way to help out.


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