It may be cold outside but if this story doesn't melt your heart you may need to get it checked out. Imagine being an eight year old and knowing your mom is not there every night to tuck you in because she is serving in the military.

I know there are a lot of people going through this. While one of the parents are making the ultimate sacrifice. That means the families are also sacrificing time too. They are not having the time with their parent. We appreciate everyone who is serving our country or has in the past.

When a child gets reunited with a parent there is not a dry eye in the room. That happened on Friday here in Amarillo. Senior Airman Stephanie Morgan has been away from her daughter the past eight months. Mom and the staff and students at Lawndale Elementary got to welcome her home and surprise her daughter, Bentley.

Bentley is a first grader at Lawndale and got the surprise of her life. Someone caught it on camera and shared it on the Lawndale Bears Facebook Page.

credit: Lawndale Bears Facebook Page
credit: Lawndale Bears Facebook Page

Check out the VIDEO HERE. Here is one little girl who will be smiling for a long time now. She has her mom back home. I just love a great feel good story like this. Thank you Senior Airman Stephanie Morgan for serving our country. Thank you Lawndale Bears for making this a special moment for Bentley.

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