Since the beginning of Covid we were told that washing our hands, wearing a mask and keeping our distance can help us keep the Covid germs away. Then we got word that there were vaccinations ready for us to take.

Can Wine Help You in Your Covid Fight?

Then we got the booster. None of those steps are as fun as what I recently read. Yes, drinking wine can actually help you keep Covid away from you. Oh, and not just any old wine. Drinking red wine is actually best.

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We already knew that red wine was supposed to be good for the heart. Now it's good for other stuff too. This is pretty awesome. Of course, like everything else you can not over indulge.

So if you drink five or more glasses of red wine per week you can reduce your risk of catching the virus by 17%. Apparently the high content of polyphenol, which helps with the flu and other respiratory conditions can also help with Covid.

Maybe you like the white wine better. I get it. Everyone has their favorite. White wine still helps, just not as much. If you find yourself drinking one to four glasses of white wine a week it only lowers your chances by 8%. Still helpful. Just not the numbers you see with drinking the red wine.

So as you are driving home from work and thinking about meeting your gal pals at Crush for Happy Hour, go ahead. Make sure you grab a glass or two of red wine. Stay away from the beer or liquor if you are looking to ward off Covid.

Neither one of those help. So don't feel guilty about a glass or two of wine. This is science I tell you.

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