The Amarillo Zoo announced yesterday that they said goodbye to one of their long time animals.

Perioso, their 26-year-old American Black Bear was euthanized on Tuesday.  Perioso had a degenerative disk disease which lead to further issues for the bear.  The staff made the decision to end Perioso's pain humanely.

“The Amarillo Zoo is heartbroken, and I am sure all of the visitors to the Amarillo Zoo who have enjoyed Perioso through the years are heartbroken also,” said Berkeley Hilliard, Amarillo Zoo Curator. “Perioso was loved and admired by staff and visitors alike. His favorite pastime was taking a dip in his pool and enjoying the unique enrichment his keepers offered him.”

Perioso has been with the Amarillo Zoo since 2004, and if you have visited in the last 17 years, then you have met the beauty of this amazing black bear.   According to the zoo the average life span of Black bear is 20-25 years old and Perioso lived to be 26.

“Perioso’s keepers worked around the clock to try to increase his quality of life with the help of veterinarian staff,” Hilliard said. “We are grateful that we had him as long as we did. He was loved, and he will be missed.”

Last spring the Amarillo Zoo acquired another Black bear from New Mexico, Mesa.  Mesa was just getting to know Perioso as well and I'm sure she is feeling the loss.
As the the Amarillo Zoo staff mourns the loss of this beloved bear, the rest of the city mourns with you.

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