I really hate how this covid thing has hurt a lot of businesses. No matter if they stayed open or shut down they have taken a big hit. Some restaurant's have open back up for people to eat in. Some have decided to stay closed to diners.

Some have tried to open and change menus. Right now if you can dine in you have noticed that all the menus are paper so that they can be one and done. Each one will be thrown away after use. That is another cost to the restaurant.

Scrolling through Facebook I saw this rather sad message from Victor Leal. He was one that opened the restaurant briefly. Tried the take home family meals. Then he shut back down. Leal's has been closed for awhile. It doesn't look like that is going to change any time soon.

I have had many dear friends asking about the status and plans for our Amarillo store.

We have, after much prayer, decided to remain closed indefinitely.

There are simply too many obstacles in our path to reopen right now.

For now we are focusing on serving our staff and guests in our Muleshoe location.

Amarillo- thank you- you have been so good to us. We have fallen in love with you due to your graciousness and support.

I want to thank each and everyone for your help in my campaigns as well.

We will most likely reopen in Amarillo when this storm passes in a different and better iteration.

It has been an honor , a joy, a privilege and a blessing to serve you.

Thanks to all of the folks who have worked shoulder to shoulder with us through the years. You are the true heroes in the story.

We will see you soon! We are good- at peace- filled with Our Abba's joy!

Life is not a puzzle to be solved- it is a glorious adventure to be lived.

Love all of you

This really is sad news. There have been plans. Big plans. They were taking over the old Furr's location on Georgia. They were going to have a big party room. They were leaving their location in Wellington Square. All of this is not fair.

I love Leal's. It is one of my favorite places to go to eat. I love their queso. I love their hot sauce. This is not the news I wanted to read today.


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