Last week I might have been on a mission to find out why there was a giant pile of dirt in the parking lot at 45th and Teckla.

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This week the mystery has been solved. I found out what the heck was going on and now have an answer.

Like I mentioned in my previous article when a pile of dirt like that shows up it usually means construction will follow and yes, construction is coming.  In fact, it's already started.

After I posted the article I got a message from someone saying that it was going to be an HTeaO!

Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo
Lori Crofford/TSM Amarillo

That would be the perfect spot for one. It was a great home for Cliffside Coffee when they first opened

I didn’t think anything else about it because I had calls and e-mails out trying to find out if that we in fact true, that HTeaO would be calling that area home

I just happened to run across the street to Texas Tea (same as HTeaO), to get a Sweet Zero, and as I was getting my tea from the window I asked the girls working the window

Can you confirm I’d HTeaO is building a store at 45th and Teckla?

To my not-so surprise they said yes, that is a new location.

Celebrate! You will soon be able to get some of your favorite tea from that location

I'm excited because that is near my neighborhood so I’ll be frequenting the new HTeaO to get some Sweet Zero and Unsweet tea.  I haven't been this excited about a place since Cliffside Coffee had its original location in that same spot.

It will be a convenient stop for many people in that area.

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