I'll admit, I love Pinterest.  it is full of fun ideas.  I ran across this idea last month and had reason to use it yesterday!

I had some blueberries in my fridge that would have gone bad in a few days and some greek yogurt so I used a recipe I found on Pinterest and made a snack to enjoy.


It came from the website One Good Thing By Jillee.

All you do is take a bamboo skewer, a pint of blueberries, greek yogurt (flavored or not) and a cookie sheet.

Skewer the blueberry, twirl it in the yogurt, place it on the cookie sheet, and repeat.

Once you have the blueberries covered throw them in the freezer.  I let mine sit over night.  Once set put them in an air tight container and snack as needed.

They were yum!



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