I miss the days. Don't you? The easy day of the 80's. The big hair. The Swatch Watches. Oh and the metal lunchboxes. You had one didn't you?

I loved my ET lunchbox that I took to school every single day. Oh yeah those were the days. Don't forget the walkmans we had. The mix tapes that we made. How about our boom boxes? Those really were some great times.

The music was great wasn't it? That is why Mix 941 is teaming up with Bud Light to bring us all back to those much simpler days. The music of the 80's. Join us this Friday starting at 6 am . We are going back for a "Feel Good 80's Weekend."

We will be bringing you all of the great music. There will be Madonna, Billy Joel, Prince, Wham, Whitney Houston, just to name a few. They will all be here. It is going to be hard to stay away. I know that. You don't want to miss any of this great music.

So make sure you download the Mix 941 app.

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As you are celebrating our country's freedom this weekend you won't want to miss a thing. You can have the cookout in the backyard with your friends but you make sure you provide the music.

What song are you looking forward to the most? What song can you not wait to hear? Comment below. Oh and make sure you brush up on those cool eighties dance moves.





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