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Stopped at a red light, I saw someone holding a sign. Immediately my mind went to people who are down on their luck thanks to everything we've experienced in 2020. When they turned around, I was surprised.

What I got was an unexpected dose of encouragement. Everyone I talk to feels exhausted and worn down thanks to the ongoing pandemic and everything that has come along with it.

I have friends who have lost their jobs or have taken pay cuts. Others are single parents juggling a full time job with doing online distance learning for more than one kid. Some are dealing with the death of someone close to them.

On top of it all, it's the holiday season.

When we talk about life in 2020, we all feel beat down just trying to reach 2021 as if it is some kind of sacred finish line.

This individual holding this sign will probably never know just how badly I needed their message today. I doubt they know how many of us needed the reminder.

The holidays are always a tough time when it comes to depression and loneliness. The statistics aren't good. Throw in the isolation most of us have been dealing with all year, and it's a recipe for disaster.

This holiday season, know that you are important. You matter. You have worth.

You may not always see it, and the people you matter most to may not be very good at letting you know, but you are needed.

Thank you to the two people holding signs up at 34th & Coulter today. I really needed the reminder.

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