I'm all about cute clothes for babies.  Heck, cute clothes and babies go together.  Every new mother changes their newborn's clothes at least 20 per day just to try out all their new outfits, after they get their baby home.  However, I think  sometimes cute can go one step to far.  There is a new website that sells bikinis for your tiny tots.


I don't have a daughter, but I have a son.  However, it doesn't mean I'm gonna put him in a Speedo and let him run around the swimming pool or water park just because I think it's cute.

I love cute bathing suits, but is this taking it too far. I bought my niece a cute little two piece when when she was a baby, but it was big enough to hold her swim diaper and it covered her mid-drift.

Do parents take their kids dress too far for the sake of cuteness.  Last summer a story broke about a dance company who had 7 year olds in lingerie type clothing dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies, see the video below.  A clothing company, was selling a padded bikini for little girls, see that video here.

When does it stop being cute and start sexualizing our children at an age where kids are kids and innocence should remain innocent?

Do you think this is taking it too far?  Would you let your infant/toddler daughter, granddaughter or niece wear a Babikini?