Oh here we go again with a new phone scam warning. This time a bogus caller is claiming to be from the Municipal Court and is requiring a payment to clear your name.

The Amarillo Police Department in a statement said they have received several complaints from people who have received such calls from an Amarillo number appearing to belong to the Amarillo Municipal Court System (806-378-3082) the caller claims the recipient is the subject of an on-going investigation and they need to pay $3,000 to resolve the investigation. Amarillo Police advises anyone who receives one of these calls to simply hang up without giving any information to the scam caller.


Any Texas Court will not call and ask for money over the phone. The only alert that a citizen will receive is by text notifying one of a warrant however an amount of money is not disclosed and there is never a request for a monetary payment. Incidentally to find out if there is an active warrant for you, you can check on the Municipal Courts website.

Additionally the Amarillo Police Department says there is no reason to report one of these scam calls unless you have fell victim to a loss of money or if personal information was given out. If you have experienced a monetary loss or breach of information the easiest way is to file a report is on the Amarillo Police department website.

Remember to always keep your personal information safe and never give out credit, banking or any other personal information to anyone ever over the phone.

What happened to the good old days where a scam caller would just call and ask “is your refrigerator running”.

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