I love to cook. It's actually one activity that I really enjoy. I especially love learning about new foods and combinations. There is not a whole lot of foods that I do not like. I also like to find new dishes that are healthy.

Hello Fresh is one of those meal prep kits that I order from a lot. I have tried others but the choices of food seems to be a lot more to my liking. I have never cooked with ginger before. After making a dish from Hello Fresh I have learned how to use it....and I find myself buying it when I head to Market Street. Learning new ways to cook is a big plus.

So I took last week to order and make 5 new meals that I have never tried before. Here are the different meals I tried. Each one makes 2 servings. You can order a family plan as well that serves 4 people. Since I am just cooking for myself I end up having lunch for the next day too.

If you haven't tried Hello Fresh here is how you can get a great discount and try it for yourself. HERE is your $40 savings to try it yourself.

When I opened up the box here are all the supplies I got to cook 5 meals. It comes with the recipes, the meat, and a bag of produce with any spices or anything needed for the recipe. They always give just enough so there is not wasting anything.

credit: Melissa Bartlett
credit: Melissa Bartlett


So Hello Fresh has got to be my favorite go-to. I spent less on these 10 meals (for dinner and lunch the next day) than I did this past weekend at the grocery store. I will post my next order in a couple weeks. You will not regret trying it.



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