Yes, I know people do call in sick when they really are not. I am not naive enough to think it doesn't happen. It may be even easier to do these days as you are working from home.It's easy to send a text saying I am just not feeling well today.

There are some times that people call in sick and they are not pulling a Ferris Bueller. I mean they may not be sick-sick. But they sure are not out running around town having a good ol' time. At my other job you are allowed to take one "crappy" day a year. That is a day that you just know you will not be productive so you don't want to waste everyone's time.

There are other reasons that people take "sick days". Sometimes we just need a mental health day. It is way better for our state of mind to be home. Then there are those days that we are not sick, but we just don't feel great. Maybe we haven't been sleeping and we just can't find a way to drag ourselves out of bed. Some people use that as a sick day.

It seems the only time I get sick is when I don't sleep like I should. I feel my body run down. I can feel that I will get sick if I do not take a day to rest. Those are the days I may take a sick day. It may be better to take one day to rest than to be down for the count for several days.

Some sick days are used because we have doctors appointments. Maybe you choose a day and you try to get as many appointments done in that day. It really seems like a great idea instead of having to leave work several different times. If you can get all your checkups to magically align that is definitely the route to go, if possible. That is the way to go.


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