I love a good Texas, cover-all word. Like "Coke." It doesn't matter what soda you're drinking, in Texas, you went for a Coke. Barbecue is another one. It covers ribs, brisket, sausage, and what have you. We Amarillo types are still getting used to kolaches.

The thought occurred to me, that kolache was another catch-all word. Any bread, with a hot dog wiener in it, is a kolache when it's not being a hot dog. I was wrong so I did my homework, on all things kolache.

The "Texas Kolache" is a breakfast food comprised of sweet bread filled with various breakfast items. The delicious baked goods were originally brought to America by Czech immigrants from the Czech Republic. A Texas kolache can contain sausage, eggs, cheese, or any number of other creative delicacies.

But our "Texas Kolache" may actually be a "klobasnek." The internet says a true kolache has NO meat in it, at all. Not very Texas but it is filled with cream cheese, fruit, and other sweet ingredients. So, what we're calling a kolache, is really a klobasnek. I grew up with them being called "Pig In Blanket" but kolache is a much cooler phrase.

The best Mexican food in Texas, usually found in border towns, or communities with a large Hispanic population. The same goes for the kolache. The closer you are to the vast communities of German or Polish immigration, the better your kolache is going to taste.

My nephew's Mom is of German descent and she says the rule of thumb is " If it's sweet, it's a kolache. If it's not, it's a klobasnek. Hmmmm...to many syllables and consonants for me, and kolache sounds great with a West Texas twang,

Be the kolaches, klobasneks, or tiny hot dogs, there was a welcome addition to the Texas diet, especially in the mornings. If you're bringing goodies to the office, skip the donuts. B-o-r-i-n-g. Get whatever is being called a kolache, a lot of mustard, and a roll of paper towels.  That's much better than a donut.

Where is your favorite Amarillo kolache? Let us know, below!


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