So back a couple of months ago I was asked to write something up about the Best of Amarillo. I found out I was included in top  Best Radio Personality Category. I was so happy to be mentioned.

I am not so sure I was quite as happy to write about it. I did what I was asked by our Digital Guru to write the story. You can read the initial story HERE. 

So the time came and we were informed if we made it to one of the top 3 finalists. I was. I was also let know that I could purchase a table or a ticket to the banquet to find out if I won. When I asked the date of the banquet it happened to fall on a night that I already had a work event I had to be at so I wouldn't be able to attend.

The night of the banquet I had a friend who was attending. So I asked him if he would let me know if I won.....or who did. I never heard back from him. So I just assumed I did not win. I was OK with that because I really was happy finishing in the top 3.

The next morning I received this text from my friend.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

It turned out his band won as well. So we both had good news the night before. I just didn't know it yet. The following weekend was when it was supposed to hit the magazine in the newspaper.

So I did finally get to see it. The part that made me laugh (a little). I mean I finally won after the years of finishing 2nd or 3rd and this is what I got to see.

credit: Amarillo Globe News

They did not get the correct station that I work for listed. I mean I guess I am grateful that at least it was another Townsquare Media Station at least. I have not gone to pick up my award yet because I have asked if they could fix it so that it listed "Mix 941" as the station. I mean I want the correct station listed. I have not heard back one way or the other yet.

I will keep you posted. Thank you to all that have voted for me. Also thank you as well for listening. I love my job and it makes it easier to get up so early when I have the best people pulling for me!