We received a message from our Digital Guru, Shannon, to write a blog about Best of Amarillo. I got the message. I did but I held off doing so.

It's not that I don't do as I am told. I do. I feel guilty if I don't get something done that I was told to do. It's that dang Catholic Guilt. It really is.

I held off writing it until today. Why? I have a hard time also asking you to do something that benefits me. I know that seems silly but it's true.

Hey, if I was asked to tell you which bank to vote for sure I would be HAPPY to tell you or ask you to vote. Or what restaurant. If you asked me who had the best customer service yep that would be easy to ask for the vote.

Here I am up for best Radio Personality. Am I happy to be in that vote? Of course I am! I am very honored. Would I love to win?  Of course I would. Have I ever won it? Nope not yet. I have finished 2nd several times. Was I happy with that outcome? Of course I was. I know it sounds cliche but really it is an honor to even be nominated. It really is.

So here I am. I will take this moment for the ask. If you would. If you could. Vote for The Best of Amarillo!  You can vote directly for me just by clicking HERE.. That will take you to the Media section and I am in the 2nd category. Take the time and vote for other businesses too. Townsquare Media's 101.9 The Bull and 96.9 Kiss FM are both up for best station. They would love for you to vote! They would appreciate it as well. You can vote once a day every day through the 26th.

So why am I writing this blog now? What changed my mind? Well here we are. It is Friday and I need one more blog for the week. Again, I do as I am told. I am one blog short for what I need for the week. So I am doing again as I am told. It's what I do.

Oh and if I win? I promise I will not raise your taxes or make you eat broccoli if you don't want to. I do also promise to wake up every morning and be here to help wake you up in the morning through your radio, the Mix 941 app or even Alexa.

Thank you. Oh and I do approve this message.

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