I love our airport. I really do. Everyone at Rick Husband International has been great every time I've flown out. My problem is with trying to book a flight to somewhere I can drive to in half a day.

Someone tell me why booking a flight to OKC is an absolute nightmare.

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I Appreciate The Options We Do Have

Want to run off  to Vegas? You can, and the flight is pretty quick. Want to get to Denver, Houston, Phoenix, Austin, or Dallas? You can, and your flights won't take too long.

I appreciate these options. They're nice to have, and help out a lot. They really do.

However, if you're just trying to get up the block a bit to Oklahoma City, be prepared.

You Have To Go Around The World To Get Next Door

Not one single airline goes straight from Amarillo to Oklahoma City. I get it's a pretty easy drive. But I don't want to spend half of my day in the car when it could take me an hour on a plane.

Maybe even less considering Dallas takes just over an hour.

Why must I have a layover in Denver, or Dallas, or Houston, or Austin before I make it to Oklahoma City?

There's Probably A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation

Is it that there just isn't enough interest in the flight?

Is it that it's too short of a distance?

I know there is probably some real fantastic technical answer, but it still doesn't take away the headache I will have to endure just to get up the road a little way.

Looks like I'm going to go with a stop in Dallas for an hour and a half. At least the food is good and the beer is cold at DFW.

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