Join the Coffee Memorial Blood Center this Friday as they kick off their annual Boots VS. Badges Blood Drive.  The blood drive will go on through the months of July and August.

Boots VS. Badges Kick Off Party

Friday, July 27th - 6-7pm

Coffee Memorial Blood Center, 7500 Wallace Blvd.

Emergency Vehicles will be on display at the Blood Center from 9a-3pm

Hamburger Lunch will be served from 11-2pm for donors and their guests

Anyone who donates during the Boots and Badges kick off event will receive the Boots and Badges t-shirt, a dairy month t-shirt, a gallon of milk and a pint of ice cream.

Anyone who donates during the months of July and August during the drive will receive a Boots VS. Badges t-shirt and will be able to vote for their favorite firefighter or law enforcement officer.

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