It is definitely that time of year. Everywhere you go, everyone is coughing. You can't get away from the it. The coughing is that bad!

So you look for ways to fight that cough. You get on Pinterest to find some home remedies. Well at least I know I do. I am not a huge fan of taking medicine if I don't have to.

I know that if I have a sore throat that I usually reach for apple cider vinegar with honey, lemon and warm water. That usually takes away the pain. It really works. I found that one on Pinterest.

What will help you with a cough? I mean besides the usual cough syrup. Let's face it that stuff just tastes horrible and doesn't seem to help me all that much.

The University of Hull says that chocolate may be a better cure for that pesky cough than traditional cough syrup. That is some good news.

A recent study showed that patients who took a chocolate based medicine saw significant improvements in only two days.

They say that chocolate can have a calming effect on the throat. It is the same theory as why honey and lemon and other sugary syrups seem to help. They think that there is something more going on with chocolate.

So can you just eat chocolate to help you with that cough? You would think the answer would be no? Right? But apparently the answer is that yes it can! That is great news.

Researchers say that just sucking on a piece of chocolate can help too!

So I am thinking that the next time I have a cough....I am going to grab a bottle of Hershey's Syrup or even a Hershey's Bar and give it a try. I mean if it works....Great! If it doesn't, well at least the chocolate will hide the cough syrup taste a bit.


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