It is hard to escape the season without catching a cold. Even if it is just for a day or two those days can feel bad. You want relief as soon as you possibly can. You just want to feel better.

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The number one thing most people would love when they are sick is to have mom to take care of them. I know I get the text from my daughter when she is under the weather that she wishes I was there to take care of her like I did when she was little.

Even if mom is not nearby there are so many things that can make you feel better. I swear by chicken noodle soup. There has got to be something magical in that stuff. Every time I am feeling a bit sick that is my first go to. So as you feel a cold coming on run to Market Street, Walmart, Walgreens or anywhere to stock up on soup.

After my nice and hot bowl of soup I know that sleep is what I need. Oh and does that sleep. Our immune system is down and sleep always helps to restore it.

How about that stuffy nose? Is there anything worse than that? You may have taken some medicine that is supposed to help it....but I have not found anything better than a Netti pot. Have you tried this magical device? I know it sounds so gross but it does clear out your sinuses and nothing feels better than that.

If your throat is killing you how about a nice hot cup of tea? I mean go ahead and fill it with honey and lemon too and it soothes your throat. The fire you felt is now starting to subside a bit. So repeat as needed. Tea is like chicken noodle soup....another miracle worker.

How good does it feel to just lay on the couch or in bed and binge watching some tv as you are trying to nap? A day of sleeping and binging as much as needed. It is just what the doctor ordered.

What else just makes you feel better when you have a cold? Comment below.

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