I grew up a dog person, as my mom-and her mom, were frightened by cats. We usually had at least two dogs  around but never a cat, so I didn't really know much about them. Until Apollo came to live with us.

A new study has concluded that cats and dogs, can live peacefully together, if the cat is the boss! As long as the cat feels like it's in charge and it's safe, there will be peace.

That's certainly true in our house. We have two dogs and Apollo the cat. There is no question of who runs the casa. Apollo is older than our two dogs, but I don['t think that makes much difference. It's in his swagger. When he wants on the couch, he jumps on it and any dog in the area, has to get off.

Apollo can lay out in the middle of the floor and not be bothered. If a dog gets up in his face for too long, he'll simply swing one of his clawed paws out, and dog-be-gone. He is fed first before the dogs and they get to listen while the cat chows down.

I have first hand knowledge of Apollo's claws as they send me to a doc in box, one afternoon. Don't jack with the kitty. Lucky for me, and the dogs, he doesn't do that often. Apollo is a 100% indoors cat. He doesn't want to go outside to check the mail, welcome someone home, or sniff around. He's found free heating & air, room & board, and free health care. I wouldn't leave either.

These days, I know more about cats, than I ever thought I would. Fellow animal lovers, should note, that our cat came first, and set the rules in the house for all of us. Then, the dogs came...took note of the supervisor, and they follow the rules.

Just confirm to the kitty what he already knows, his house-his rules. Everyone will get a long, just fine.

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