Of course this hasn't been the easiest of years. We never saw this year coming. We really didn't expect a global pandemic when 2020 hit but here we are. We all had to make changes and sacrifices.

We missed out on a lot of great events. We have had to struggle with money and our jobs. We have missed our family. Can we admit we all had to learn to adapt this year. Here we are though at the end of the year. We have Christmas on the way and then saying goodbye to 2020. We need to find that holiday cheer.

Our Christmas may still be different then it has been in the past but we still need to be thankful for what we have this year. This has been the year of focusing on the good things that have happened. We have also had to look for small ways to cheer ourselves up in 2020.

We have found ways to be happy. How many movies have we sat back and watched? That has been a big relief for us and brought cheer to a lot of us. I have been watching friends all throughout 2020 asking for recommendations so I know this has been a big boost for us all.

It's all those little things like snacking, but not to much that we gain a lot of weight. We need to find some time to take a walk on those nice Texas Panhandle days. Just a walk around your neighborhood or heading to a park can help us a lot.

We have had to find more time to take naps. In 2020 we have needed more mental boosts and naps can really recharge us that way. Oh and how our furry friends have helped us through this all. We have been home a lot more and our pets have noticed. They have loved it. We have loved having them around too.

What could you add to the list of things you have done to cheer up in 2020? Comment below.

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