I never thought of myself as a "cat person." I'm a "dog guy" through and through, but a kitty slipped in and landed in my heart.

My wife and kids came back from a visit to Grandpa's farm, and had an orange Tabby cat with them. Apparently, someone had dumped this cat at the farm, and my wife knew there was a coyote, out there somewhere, that would finish him off.  And our youngest was holding the cat, as they were ready to come home.

Our oldest named the cat "Apollo" and much to my displeasure, he became a member of the family. I didn't want a cat. We had two dogs, and neither of them, wanted a cat.  Slowly, Apollo worked himself into the rhythm of the house. He was ..polite to the dogs, and very nice to both of the boys. We haven't seen a mouse in the house, since Apollo was around 2. I suppose his reputation got around.

This cat loves people. I thought he was going to home with the cable guy, last year. Apollo is mostly retired now, as he sleeps most of the day, but he still knows when dinnertime is suppose to be. He likes to go to bed at 9, if possible. He doesn't bite his doctor, or neighborhood kids.

Apollo is 15 now. Both of the boys have grown up and left the house. My wife and I are almost empty nesters now, except for two dogs and Apollo. Our kitty We tell each other that, the joke is on whoever dumped Apollo at the farm. We've nicknamed him the "Best Kitty Ever." His vet, says in human years, Apollo a 90 yr old man. He has free health care, food and shelter, for life. It turns out, we did need a cat.

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