If you have pets you probably find yourself talking to them. You probably even find it happening a lot more through the pandemic. Oh and that is alright. In fact it doesn't make you crazy it pretty much means you are normal.

I have a dog, Chipper, and a cat, Twilight. I leave for work in the morning. I think they are rather angry that I woke them up so early. I used to feel bad until I get back from work and they have not moved an inch in all that time i was working. Yes, tough life. I do say good bye when I leave. I greet them when I get back home.

Sometimes we talk more. I tell them if I will be home right away or if it's going to be a long day. I want them to know even if the don't know. It's good to have those conversations because our pets have really helped us through this crazy year.

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They have helped us to feel less alone. Even though we are still not around as many people as we used to be, it is nice to have those pets to chat with about your day. Believe it or not that extra time playing with them and walking them has helped us to feel less anxious.

Oh and the little bit of exercise we get when going for a walk is perfect for some movement. Our pets are great in that they do help us have some kind of regular schedule. You may still be working from home and needing that normalcy right now.

They rely on you to feed them, water them, take them for walks or clean out their litter box. The least they can do is listen to you once in awhile without all the strange looks.


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