The fact that 2020 has been such a challenging year is nothing new. As we are getting closer to wrap it up we still have to remember we have things to be thankful for as well. Even though we have had a lot of ups and downs this year. We have had loved ones die, we have had people get sick, we have had major milestones canceled. We have all had stuff change for us.

We do have to look for our blessings. We got more time with our immediate family. We have learned to live simpler this year. We may have been able to grow our own vegetables. It is the simple things.

One thing a lot of us have witnessed is how our pets have really helped us through a lot. Some of us didn't even have pets going into 2020 but quickly saw how they could help out. Some of us only really had our dog or our cat to come home too. Or if we weren't leaving our house they may have had all we had at home.

Pets can help us with depression. There seems to be a lot of that in 2020. We may not have known how to get through it without someone needing us. Oh and our pets need us. They need us to let them outside. They count on us to make sure they are fed. In exchange they are there to make sure we know we are loved. We have a built in friend right there.

Even cats who can be anti social, knew something was up. I could tell my cat, Twilight, was a bit more affectionate. Those pets are there to give us a sense of hope. They got us through our stress and anxiety.

Being at home our pets even helped us through our times of boredom. They wanted to play or go out for a walk. They have done a lot this year to help us through. So I feel they need an extra belly rub or a nice gift under the tree this year. They have kept a lot of us sane in 2020.

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