When my daughter was growing up she wanted a dog. We ended up with two, Cinnamon and Chipper, they are both Puggles. Then she wanted a cat. I wasn't sure if I wanted to add another animal to our household.

Well, at the time, my neighbors had chickens and roosters in the back yard. Apparently that leads to mice. The magical droppings of chicken and rooster cause the mice to show up. OK I didn't know that. So I would hear or see a mouse every now and then. I would buy traps and all that to get rid of them.

I finally broke down and thought that yes getting a cat might help me with this fight. So I did. Twilight became a member of our family. I had her for about a month when the neighbor decided to get rid of the chickens and roosters. Well played.

I moved to our new house and found I had a mouse or two in the garage. I would leave, Twilight, in the back yard where she could get in the garage. On a couple occasions she left me a present on the back porch. I knew she did her job. Way to go Twilight.

Well a couple weeks ago I left my dogs outside and when I do I leave my detached garage door open so they can get out of the weather. I have put up a kennel so that half of the garage is for my car and half for them. They can't escape out of the garage door this way either.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

This worked until I started putting them outside and they would go crazy in the garage. Trying to find something. That something being a mouse. So I would put Twilight out in the garage and shut the doors. I am wanting her to do her one job. Find the mouse.

She was not interested. So apparently I was feeding her too well. That is gonna change. But I had to find a way to get rid of our unwanted guests.

I went to the store and decided to give this a try.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I wondered if it would work. This pack is for 3 rooms. I decided to put two of them in my garage. I left them be overnight and then went out to check. I let the dogs outside and the garage open. They ran right inside and started sniffing around like they have been. This time, though, they did not go crazy. It's been over a week and not a mouse has been found in my garage.

These work! They really do. I wasn't really sure what to think. So I bought some old fashioned traps too. I have yet to have to use them. I have a mouse free garage and it's not thanks to my cat. She had one job and failed miserably.