A lot of people have been working from home for the past few months. We may see a start to returning to our normal offices. How does that sit with your pets? They have been used to having you home. Now you are being ripped away from them.

Is there a way to make it easier on them? I mean you don't want to cause them any more stress. They just got used to you routine of you being there all the time.

You need to go ahead and get them used to a new routine. Get up and get ready. Spend some time with them before darting out the door. Any normal routine they will pick back up on pretty fast.

You have spent the last few months giving them a lot of extra attention. You may have been playing with them more or brushing them. You may have been taking them on extra walks. You can't totally give up on that. They need some normalcy. So even if it is a shorter walk just going on a walk can calm them down. Give them some love. They will need it once you go back to work and leave them alone more.

It might be reassuring if you leave some noise on for them. The extra quietness may drive them crazy and cause them to act out. So leave on the TV. Leave on some music for them. Your dog or cat will really enjoy that.

Do you have any other suggestions to make this easier on your furry friend? A way to make the transition calmer on them? Comment below.

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