I know I hear a lot about people being allergic to cats. They just can't be around them. I don't hear about so many people having allergies to dogs. Is that even a thing? Well if you are one of those that can't be around cats that may change.

There is a new cat food coming out from Purina that can help make you less allergic. That is their claim anyway. It is called "Pro Plan LiveClear." We all think that people with cat allergies are allergic to the hair and dander.

Turns out that may not be the case. They are actually allergic to a protein in their saliva. It's called Fel d 1. When a cat cleans themselves that is when they spread it all over their bodies. Which is where the misconception that it is their hair. It is but it's because of the cats saliva all over that hair.

That is what causes those reactions in people...the itching, the sneezing and the runny noses. This new food is supposed to help with that.

It has a special protein in it that binds with the allergen molecules and helps to deactivate them.

It apparently will take a few weeks before it actually makes a difference. But a few weeks of feeding your cat this new Purina food could reduce allergies by an average of 47% so yes that is a big help. You can check for it on the shelves coming up in April.

Do you have cat allergies? Would you try this? Comment below.


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