After the protests turned ugly in Charlottesville over a confederate statute of Robert E. Lee, debates exploded all over the country about whether Confederate statues should remain in public places.Those debates and protests over a confederate statue have come to our city.  A confederate statue currently sits in Ellwood Park and the statue has been in place since 1931.

A  group here in Amarillo started a petition to have the statue removed, which was quickly followed by a group starting a petition to keep the statue where it is located.

Groups spoke with the City Council yesterday, however, since this wasn't on the City Council Agenda the council was not able to to anything but listen.

Another debate has sparked over and elementary school in Amarillo, Robert E. Lee Elementary.  Some people are asking for a name change, while others say keep the name.

Amarillo ISD has released a statement regarding a name chance of Robert E. Lee Elementary:

“As we begin a new school year, our teachers and staff are focused on our students. We are committed to providing quality schools where students feel safe and welcomed each day and are empowered to learn and grow. We are always open to conversations with our stakeholders—those in our community who live in our neighborhoods and those who are served by our schools. We believe when we work together we can continue to foster positive learning environments that build students for success beyond high school.”

We would love to know what you think about the statue and the school, take our polls.

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