We're all aware of the construction going on all over Amarillo. I stay positive, knowing at some point, it will end and this town is going to look really good!

What I didn't realize, is work is going on, around the clock. My morning routine, includes stopping in my neighborhood Pak-A-Sak at Hollywood & the Canyon E-Way. At the entrance of Randall High School, Hollywood & Bell, work on a new overpass has been going on, for months.

They were up and at it at 5:00, this morning. Lights,  heavy equipment, and more workers than, I've seen in one place, in a long time. School starts next month and my guess is, this intersection needs to be open and ready for use, by then.

While I feel for these folks, having to be a work so early, I know when it's all done, and I mean all of the construction, Amarillo is going to look very nice.  Hopefully, these guys can go back to daylight hours!


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