On a day set aside for Cupid and his magical arrows, all is not well. A new study says 7% of Americans, have called kaput-ski in their relationship on Valentine's Day. A few more will wait until the next day.

You've circled Valentine's Day on the calendar. You have reservations at the most expensive restaurant in town. The ring you've picked out, will out sparkle the sun. It's perfect. Except, it's not.

Sometime during dinner, some 7% of Americans, will holler "No mas!." You might be shocked or maybe you knew it was coming. But it's over. You can't just flip out as Amarillo is a small enough town, that hysterics at the flower filled dining table, will be repeated and noticed. There might even be pictures from someone's phone.

The survey also says 5% of Americans have ended a relationship, the day after Valentine's Day. Why waste a nice expensive dinner? Or a dozen red roses. Maybe something mystical will happen, and you'll change your mind about dumping your s.o. on the most romantic of days.

There is good news as there appears to be less of a taboo about going on a first date on Valentine's Day, than we thought. 55% of men and 47% of women say they'd be comfortable with a first date on Valentine's Day.

So, keep your eyes open at Valentine's Day dinner tonight. You might be given the heave-ho, but there could be someone getting the same news at the table next to you.

And what a great story to tell your grandkids.

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