It's something that I'm familiar with having grown up in a family with medical professionals. All night long on Halloween, parents in our small town wanted an x-ray of their kids' candy to see if there was any danger lurking in the bag. We've all heard the stories, and it seems like there's a never ending supply of headlines to keep us talking about it.

So do you still check kids' candy on Halloween?

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As you get ready to head out this Halloween in Amarillo, you might be like a lot of parents who are concerned about the candy their kids brings home. We're all familiar with the stories.

The stories I heard the most growing up were about needles and razor blades being hidden in apples or soft candy. You never accepted an apple or other type of fruit from anyone. If the wrapper looked the smallest bit suspicious, you threw it out.

I'm not alone in hearing these stories, and parents for a long time have had their concerns.

According to a press release regarding a study by Shiny Smiles Veneers, over half of parents still check the candy for anything dubious. That includes razor blades and drugs.

The study went on to breakdown which candy is actually the most harmful to our teeth, and then to how much we're all spending on average to buy candy.

According to their findings, the candy that causes the most damage to teeth on Halloween is jawbreakers. Honestly, with a name like that who is surprised?

Equally as interesting was their findings regarding how many of us are sneaking off with our favorite candies from the kids' haul. There is 18% of us that aren't even giving it a night before we raid the Halloween candy.

You can find the details on their study here.

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