i have plenty to do, thank you very much, but necessity has been cutting through the break room, to get to the boss's office.  So, yeah I see the donut box with half a donut, still in it. Does this bother you?

If it's not half a donut, it's half of a burrito. Or half a kolache.  Or half a sandwich. Always half of something. I'm 99% sure, someone decide they just wanted a "taste" or just a "bite." So, they ate half, and left the other half.

I'm almost sure it's safe. You hope someone didn't stick half a burrito in their mouth and take a huge, saliva filled bite. But, you don't know do you? I'll take a second, and look around for a knife, that might have been used. Maybe it's in the trash, or laying out on the counter. If I don't find it, it bothers me.

But, I come back to the half. I can picture, the other half of that donut hanging out someone's mouth. How can I get past this?

1. If you bite food in half, perhaps take a selfie, of how you did it.

2. You can email it straight to me, or print out and leave it by the box of food.

3. If any utensils were used, fork, knife, spoon, include them in the photo.

4. Hold a newspaper up in the photo, so we know, exactly, when the food came in.

5. Be sure, you include your mouth in the photo, so we can check for any rogue tortilla or donut glaze, hanging around your lips.

The best procedure would be, take the other half with you. Either eat it, or give to someone else. Anything but leaving it in the box.

Do you have "half-biters" where you work? Let us know in the comments.  Send us pictures too!

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