Who doesn't love a good burrito? It's really hard to find a bad one. It really is!

Oh and all the different kinds you can enjoy. I grew up in Canyon and my lunches every day consisted of an Allsup's Burrito. Those were the bomb! Yes, even gut bomb as some would say.

Then I was introduced to the breakfast burrito. Oh, I am not a huge breakfast person but nothing beat a Judy's burrito back in the day. You know the ones that were bigger than your face! I just loved the jalapeno green sauce they would serve.

So burrito's are again pretty darn good.

So on this National Burrito Day I thought it would be great to find out where in the area you can get a good deal today.

I put a post on Facebook asking the question about the different deals. Buffs in Canyon will be offering $1 off all Burritos. (They are located at 2201 4th Avenue in Canyon.)

I also found that if you order from Chipotle today and you use their app, website or Door Dash they plan on offering free delivery. So this is perfect for that person whose get up and go just doesn't want to.

I have it on good authority that Delvin's Downtown (inside the Happy State Bank Building 701 S Taylor) will be featuring a smothered burrito  as well. I know how awesome all their food is that I can only imagine how they will kill it with a burrito.

Abuelo's will have Happy Hour all day. They will have the Durango and one other burrito on special for $7.95. (Abuelo's is located at 3501 W 45th)

I sent Victor Leal a text asking him about any specials he may be running. Here is what he said:

I'll run a ad special today on our two best selling burritos of all time: Bryant Special and Joe Rhodes Special. I went an entire year eating only the Bryant Special- named after Don Bryant..good friend of my parents,  who would go into the kitchen to hug my Mom and ask her what she was cooking that day and ask her to put different combinations together. He hit upon a burrito filled with beans and stew meat and topped with chile and cheese, served with jalapenos on the side.

Joe Rhodes Special has a similar history but has stew meat and beans, topped with the juice of the stewed meat . Incredible and a favorite amongst our loyal guests.
$8.57 for each today.

Leal's is located at 1619 South Kentucky!

Do you know of anyone else who is having any kind of National Burrito Day special? If so don't keep that info to yourself!


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